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CANVIAR offers a wide variety of physical and virtual learning experience in different fields. CANVIAR is all about Education, Marketing, Yoga, E-commerce & Much more. Yes, it’s a mix of diversified portfolio.

Canviar is pleased to inform you’ll that we are looking for new and young people to connect with us as we are starting with a brand new project/ program THINK CHANGE – ONE TRIBE  that serves as a co- learning platform for young indians to innovate, collaborate, connect and learn at the same time.

The program starts with an initial annual membership program with which you will be given opportunities to learn, innovate, placements and earn through work from home.

Highlights of the Program are as follows –

  • New and innovative program for youth.
  • Mentorship on Ideas for Change.
  • Open Source Learning – Online Learning Community
  • Download everyday information update in your account @
  • Support new startups with idea development and business plan.
  • Walk-in Discount and Offers for different brands
  • Free Webinar & Workshop.
  • Online newspaper & blogs
  • Placement & Regular alerts for job opportunities.
  • Counseling sessions for Career Development
  • Enrollment above Age 14 .
  • Supplements School & University
  • Green Initiatives
  • 20% off on from purchases on
  • Onetribe Membership
  • Workshop Example – Language, Photography, yoga, athletics, events, digital design, music, Art, Plantation and Health.
  • For Support – Walk-in to Experience Center or Video call.

‘ Co – learning to Innovate, Connect and Learn – Think Change ‘

Learn something new everyday 

Payment Structure

  • Annual membership starting at just 1000/- per member.
  • Online payment on website or Paytm @ 91-8447505553

 Connect with Canviar today to build a bright future ahead. For connecting and queries add us on Whatsapp on 91-8447505553.

Thanks for Connecting 🙂


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